You are Welcomed!

Coming to St. Luke's Episcopal Church for the first time may feel a little strange and intimidating. We want you to be able to relax and feel welcome and able to participate as you choose. Here is a guide to some of what you might expect when you arrive.  

It’s good to arrive a few minutes before the service so you can get yourself settled. There will be ushers or greeters who will give you a bulletin which will guide you through the service. We have pews (long benches) and you can sit anywhere you like.  Each pew will have red copies of the Book of Common Prayer and a hymnal book. This book has various portions of the service in it. Your bulletin will give you page numbers to find those sections. You will also see a dark black and red book called “Lift Every Voice" which has lots of music in it. 

A few minutes before the service there will be some music called the Prelude. It is meant to help us gather ourselves and prepare for the service. You will enjoy the beautiful music sung by everybody.