St. Luke's Commissions

Communication and Technology

The Commission on Communication and Information Technology works with all commissions and committees to provide quality and timely communication to parishioners using traditional and web-based communication channels.  Currently, information is shared quarterly through the church newsletter, Facebook, the St. Luke website, and OnRealm.


Facilitator:  Shauna Hicks


Meeting:  Quarterly at 5:30 pm


Community Outreach

The purpose of the Community Outreach Commission is two-fold: 1) It is the responsibility of Commission on Community Outreach to explore programs and activities that address the specific interests and needs of parishioners at St. Luke’s; and 2) to make a concerted effort to implement programs and activities for youth involvement via coordination and collaboration with local colleges and universities such as Benedict College, Allen University and the University of South Carolina. Planned activities include: The College Day Award/Recognition Program; Sunday Morning Voices, inviting choirs from various colleges and universities to perform during on designated Sundays; in collaboration with area hospitals and health care providers, free healthy lifestyle screenings for diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and other health issues prevalent in the African American community; and in collaboration with the SC Vocational Rehabilitation Department neighborhood job fairs are held and supported by area businesses and employers..


Facilitator:  Joseph Ray

Co-Facilitator:  Adell Adams

Meeting:  1st Tue monthly at 6 pm

Commission on Church Growth

The purpose of the Commission on Church Growth is to develop and implement activities and programs which will focus on and aid in increasing the membership of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. The commission created and distributed Visitor Cards, and note, invitation and “Thank You for Visiting St. Luke’s” cards.


Facilitator:  Corine Whittington-Kimpson


Meeting:  1st Tue monthly at 6pm

Building and Grounds

In close consultation with the Rector, maintain a list of appropriate memorial gift suggestions to be supplied to parishioners and other interested parties; receive gift suggestions from interested parties, determine appropriateness (if the gift suggestion is needed and within the overall architectural design), and make recommendations to the Vestry for approval or disapproval. Report action of the Vestry to interested party or parties.


Facilitator:  Herman Hickman


Meeting:  4th Sun monthly at 12 pm


The Finance Standing Committee works toward the church being financially stable through the Statement of Mission, Every Member Canvass, and the yearly Stewardship Campaign. It reviews the Statement of Mission and its accounts to assure that the church is meeting its obligations.

The committee is responsible for proposing the Annual Statement of Mission and presenting it to the Vestry with recommendations for adoption. The committee provides on-going and follow-up of the church’s stewardship, periodically informing the parish and individuals of their financial status. The committee works very closely with the parish treasurer and assistants. The Finance Standing Committee is constantly planning for the healthiness of the finances from one year to the next.

Treasurer: Pat Cokley

Asst. Treasurer:  William S. Smith Jr.

Meeting:  2nd Mon monthly at 6 pm


Parish Fellowship

The purpose and mission of the Parish Fellowship Committee are to plan and implement means foster a sense of belonging and a sense of community among members of the parish. The Commission plans social activities, fellowshipping opportunities, and Sunday coffee hours. The most visible part of the organization is the weekly Sunday coffee hour. The coffee hour provides the opportunity for individuals and organizations to celebrate events, show displays, recognize loved ones, and give thanks for our many blessings. A calendar is available to reserve dates throughout the year. Parish fellowship includes planning local and regional trips. It also includes doing activities together such as movies, potlucks, bowling, parish picnic, bingo, etc. The committee welcomes ideas from all parishioners.


Facilitator: Darnell Holmes


Meeting:  2nd Sun monthly at 12 pm


Spiritual Life

The Commission for Spiritual Life provides adult leadership for youth activities. They teach the youth of St. Luke’s to love God and serve others through weekly Sunday school lessons and encouraging them to volunteer at different outreach ministries.



Meeting:  3rd Wed monthly at 6 pm


William F O’Neal Center

The goals of the commission are to 1) provide a multi-purpose facility that will enable individuals to receive services that will meet their physical, mental and spiritual needs via their participation in our Fresh Start Ministry and other agency-sponsored programs; 2) reactivate a neighborhood basketball programs/leagues for youth from diverse backgrounds; and 3) rent the center to interest parishioners and individuals. The William F. O’Neal Commission provides a community facility that will offer a wide range of social services to individuals in need of food, clothing, health care screenings, laundry services, and use of shower facilities for personal hygiene. For parishioners of St. Luke’s, the William F. O’Neal Center can be rented for weddings and other special events approved by the Vestry.


Facilitator:  Joseph Ray



Meeting:  2nd Tue monthly at 11 am


Church Archive


Facilitator:  Corine Whittington-Kimpson


Meeting:  1st Tue monthly at 6 pm